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Welcome to Angela Barra’s Adoptee Reflections.

Thank you for visiting my website and blog. Since publishing my pieces (as a former blog contributor – The Huffington Post) I’ve received many messages from adoptees across the world; and a consistent theme is that they thought they were alone in their complex feelings.  This sense of isolation and *disenfranchised grief, which I too experienced, needs to change. To that end, I hope that by sharing some of my personal insights and by providing information or  links to other resources (including dissenting adoptee sites),  I can help foster a culture that embraces the diverse voice of adult adoptees.

The adopted adult

“Fact: The voice of the adoptee is the most powerful voice in adoption. Yet, it is the most overlooked and ignored voice in adoption” – Anonymous

*Disenfranchised grief – According to Kenneth J. Doka (1989):Disenfranchised grief can be defined as the grief experienced by those who incur a loss that is not, or cannot be, openly acknowledged, publicly mourned or socially supported. Isolated in bereavement, it can be much more difficult to mourn and reactions are often complicated. It is important to recognize and try to meet the needs of those whose grief is not acknowledged by society, whatever the emotional or financial costs.    

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